About us

We specialize on selling air conditioners. Our main goal is to match our clients with heat pumps most suitable for their needs in an easiest possible way. We have devices for both private and business needs, for homes and offices.


Installation of air conditioners, maintenance, repairs
Installation of refrigeration devices, maintenance, repairs
Installation of ground source heating, maintenance, repairs
Installation of ventilation, maintenance, repairs

We represent following trademarks: Fujitsu, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Mistral, Alpic Air, Hokkaido, Nordcel, Viessmann, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba.

Contact Us now and we will send our specialist over to assess your needs.
You will receive our best possible offer based on inspection results.
Device will be installed operatively so you can start enjoying the results immediately.


In addition we provide servicing of air conditioning devices of private cars.

Filling and inspection of car air conditioners.

PRICE starting from 32 €