Letter of guarantee

• All installations include a two year warranty.
• Installed devices also have a manufacturer warranty, which guarantees replacement parts within two years from purchase date.
• Client has the obligation to read thoroughly all manuals concerning the use and maintenance of the device and follow mentioned regulations.

Warranty will be void in following cases:

• Device has mechanical injuries.
• SDevice has suffered overload.
• Voltage of power supply is lower or significantly higher than 220 - 230 V, 50 Hz.
• Device was not powered off after faults had occurred in its work and manufacturer was not notified of such faults.
• Internal device of heat pump was over a longer period of time used in an environment with temperatures lower than 17°C. If necessary, extra heating must be used.
• Air filters were not used in internal device of heat pump or they weren't sufficiently cleaned.
• User manual was no followed when using the device.
• Inverter was used in heating mode in outer temperatures lower than –20°C or in cooling mode in outer temperatures lower than 5°C.
• Device has not been through regular maintenance performed by installation company (must be performed at least once a year).

In case of operating faults:

• Switch the device off by using the remote contro.
• Switch off correct fuse in distribution board.
• Notify us of problems either by phone or e-mail.