Maintenance & Installation


Õhk-õhk soojuspumpade tavapaigalduse alla kuuluvad järgmised tööd ja lisatarvikud:

Standard installation of air-air heat pumps usually includes following tasks and accessories:

  • 5 m of piping,
  • drilling of openings with max 70 mm diameter up to 60 cm deep,
  • cabling between devices,
  • directing away condensation (5m),
  • securing tools


For additional fee:

  • condensation pump
  • installation of distribution box
  • electrical connections over 2m long
  • ground framework
  • additional cables, condensation pipes, piping (when more than 5m is needed)
  • using forklift
  • additional services

NB! Client is responsible for compatibility of the power output of their electrical network with requested devices. Client has coordinated the project with their landlord/housing association/National Heritage Board

Maintenance and repairs of heat pump.
Unit price: 55 €

*Price includes a visit, visual inspection, fitting. In case of objects located outside of Tartu County, price will include an extra fee of 0.5EUR/km. If outside heater is located higher than 2 meters or in a location difficult to reach, the price will be agreed between parties. Prices include value added tax.